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Romantic Getaway

When Mark and I (well I really) fell in love with this hidden plot of land in central Mousehole with a derelict building really live jungle and a fallen-down outbuilding we envisaged creating a unique space in beautiful gardens, perfect for couples to spend a weekend for two, their honeymoon or a week or so of our indulgence and your and me time.

We launched the property just a few month ago and we've been luck enough to have Hayley and Lee share their photo story of their weekend with us.

As you can see there's a lot of baths, fires, BBQ, pampering, excellent wines and gourmet food interjected with a few strolls to taken the locality. All in all exactly what we had in mind when we started this lovely project. Take a look for yourselves here.

If you would like to book some you and me time at Fallen Angel call Jane on 07411 117294 or e mail

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