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Ben’s Cornish Kitchen

We do not mean the exquisite award-winning restaurant across the Bay in Marazion. No, this is Ben William’s bespoke hand-made kitchen just one of the unique touches in this luxury cabin designed just for two.

From the outset of the project we knew Ben was the man to design and make the kitchen for Fallen Angel. A master craftsman, perfectionist and a local boy – what more could we want? Ben was keen to be part of the project and his design did not disappoint. Subtle and contemporary, complementing the theme of the house with brushed steel and cladded hidden doors. Oak was the material of choice with a modern twist. Painted in silver then sand blasted bringing the colour into the same tonal pallet as Fallen Angel with the added twist of a textured finish to the oak. We extended the theme of the kitchen into the rest of Fallen Angel using the same oak cladding for the bespoke hidden doors leading to the less appealing but very practical utility room.

Next was the choice of appliances. Again, we sought a blend of quality, functionality and design. After pressing many buttons and listening to too much technical garb, the Siemens’ range ticked all the boxes, in particular the metal look glass induction hob that is now embedded into the stainless steel island worktop. Thankfully it is also easy to use as it is difficult not to be distracted by the sea view in front of your eyes. With our private dining chef service offered through Indulgence Catering we can help you out there too!

So Ben’s kitchen; a statement yes, but a statement in harmony with its surroundings. Just one of the many design aspects of this honeymoon bolthole.

Luxury cabin

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