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Creating the perfect luxury stay for two has not always been easy!

Making dreams reality is not always easy.

As costs escalated and the logistical nightmare of getting all materials to site by hand up a very tight steep narrow path dawned on us, the thought of not installing a roof light into the ‘stair tunnel’ became increasingly appealing.

luxury getaway for two

Then we revisited the design brief; create the perfect luxury stay for two. The concept behind the roof light was to throw natural light, be it sun or moon, into the stair tunnel, creating the perfect ambiance. The stair tunnel is not simply a flight of stairs; it is the link between the upper and lower decks, the visible link, a design statement in itself that simply could not be dismissed. Surrounded by the bare timber frame, we stood where the kitchen island would ultimately be, and gazed across Mounts Bay to The Lizard. The exact view that we were considering going without due to logistics and costs. It was at that moment we realised a roof light was essential for Fallen Angel if we were truly going to create the perfect couples getaway and luxury honeymoon destination.

Then the real headache began. With floor to ceiling glass and stealth windows running flush to the black rubber, a traditional raised roof light would not work aesthetically. After numerous fruitless conversations with roof light companies, we entered discussions with the aptly named, The Roof Light Company. The amazing team managed to design a roof light that would sit flush with the exterior lines of the stair tunnel as well as meet the essential criteria of withstanding the easterly Altantic storms and, of course, like the perfect little dress, be in black.

Notwithstanding the fact that delivery of the roof light had to be on the outskirts of Mousehole as no delivery lorry was small enough to get through the winding roads of Mousehole, some how (many broken men and fingers later) the roof light was fitted and sealed in with the rubber. So when you sip your Camel Valley sparkles at the kitchen-island and gaze across the bay, please spare a thought as to how that simple piece of glass came to be there.

You can see more of Fallen Angel here.

To book your honeymoon or special stay for two at Fallen Angel contact Mark here.

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