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Creating a unique stay for two

We've been asked a lot about how we went about creating this beautiful getaway for two, and so we've decided to tell the story on our blog.

Every element of this unique stay for two has been thought through carefully from creating a unique "stealth house" building to the interior design. We love to travel, and incorporating craftsmanship from across the world, things made with love and attention to the high standards we had set for this property were important.

Textures also played a major part in us selecting materials and adornments to create an interesting yet relaxing environment - you will find velvet, steel, sandblasted oak sat along side the porcelain and unvarnished encaustic tiles providing variety to the touch as well as they eye.

We choose our based colours - grey, and accent colours of silver, pink and black as the core pallet for Fallen Angel.

But with this house, it's not just about the look and feel its about comfort. We needed to use flooring that would work with our desire to have underfloor heating providing the perfect climate whatever the weather outside!

These principles led to the selection of the modern industrial ghost grey tiles used on floors, stairs, up stands, shower and vanity basin creating a real flow in the house. The patchwork encaustic tiles were then used to create interest and impact on the stairs, in the kitchen , the hearth and detail in the shower. We sourced both these sets of tiles from a great firm in London called Alhambra, who imported these from Spain for us.

To find out more about this beautiful home take a look here. Or to check availability for a stay for two email us here.

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