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 Fallen Angel - A Romantic Getaway UK

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First a word about COVID-19 

We understand that a major consideration for anyone booking a getaway this summer/autumn is the threat of  COVID-19. Fallen Angel provides an isolated love-nest for 2 where you can limit your contact with the outside world as much as you want! Our housekeeping staff  have been provided with the necessary PPE to operate safely, observe social distancing and use D10 sanitiser, that is accredited to combat COVID-19 on surfaces.  We're now open for bookings for 2022/23

Take a look here for 2022 availability and prices. 2023 dates available on request.

About Fallen Angel

Experience the ultimate getaway two in the UK. Indulge in sumptuous luxury in your own private oasis in the very heart of Mousehole over-looking the sea. Accessible only by foot, this romantic retreat is in stumbling distance of exceptionally good eating and drinking  experiences at home or close-by should you wish to venture out on your mini break UK. Fallen Angel is the romantic getaway UK to indulge each other in. It's the perfect place for a honeymoon in UK or a special stay just for 2. 


Fallen Angel is no ordinary honeymoon cottage or bolthole for two, it offers a truly unique romantic stay UK experience be it for a honeymoon UK or a special weekend for two.  No matter how well travelled you are, whatever cool places to stay you have found in the past, we can promise you will never have stayed anywhere quite like this before.  Sheltered in its own secluded sub-tropical garden this architect designed property provides the ultimate honeymoon villa.


The design by Studio West Architects is inspiring. Built into the slope of the hill, the footprint of the original two buildings that sat on the plot are joined by a stair tunnel that transports you from daytime to night. The building’s exterior combines traditional granite walling with ultra-modern rubber cladding, and huge floor to ceiling windows on to that stunning view of Mounts Bay. Inside owners Jane and Mark have worked magic to create a stunning modern interior that delivers a decadent visual appeal without compromising comfort and pleasure.


Fallen Angel is completely private, and you will not be disturbed. Equally, Jane and Mark are on hand to help you in anyway ahead of your stay and our housekeeper is on call during your stay. We offer a range honeymoon ideas, book in advance in-house food and drink service and additional services you can pre-book to properly spoil yourselves, making this one of the best honeymoon places.

If you are travelling by air or sea we can recommend Elite Private Hire Airport Transfers Throughout UK.


You can read more about these here.

Fallen Angel Food Services

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Connectivity & Entertainment
Superfast broadband
Sky TV
DVD player


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Fallen Angel ~ offering you the best romantic getaways UK

Owners Jane and Mark left their London jobs in 2015 and came to Cornwall to create a business premised on delivering the highest quality visitor experiences, of a caliber that is rarely found in the UK. Fallen Angel is the second of their projects, following the launch of  Petite Weddings, a small wedding specialist service in 2015.


In creating Fallen Angel, derelict buildings have been demolished, tons or rubble and earth removed from the site by hand, granite has been re-cycled to create cladding and dry-stone walls in the landscaped garden, a bespoke wooden frame has been constructed, insulated and clad in EPMD rubber, under-floor heating installed below ghost-patterned porcelain tiles imported from Spain, a unique kitchen designed and built by Ben Williams from sandblasted oak tinged with silver, floor to ceiling window have been carried by hand on to site and installed upstairs and down,  a unique stair-tunnel has been built to take you on a sublime journey from living space to sleeping space. Fallen Angel rests in a beautiful sub-tropical garden, entered through the reclaimed door that previously was one of two doors at the entrance of a Morrocan village. This has been created to provide all the privacy and tranquility you can handle. Quality and eco-credentials have been at the forefront of every decision, and just as in Grand Designs, yes, the budget was completely blown!

See dates and prices here.


The story behind this luxury stay for two UK

In April 2015 we viewed a hidden garden and derelict house overlooking the harbour of  Mousehole, even most locals didn't know it was there. We fell in love and in a moment of our hearts ruling our heads, decided to buy it. We gave our architects, Studio West, a simple remit: "design the most romantic home for two’


It is the only rubber house in the entire South West. The design philosophy was to create  a stealth house to disappear into the sub-tropical garden.  It is the perfect place for 2 lovers to close the Moroccan gate behind them, and forget the outside world.


Every element of the house is bespoke, calling on expertise from throughout the UK to create this most special place. From master craftsmen to roof window specialists, artists to lighting experts.


Aside from what you would expect from any other high quality holiday stay such as Blu-ray, Sky, washer/drier etc, you can enjoy a bath in the oversized brushed steel bath overlooking the gardens, the shower for two with equally stunning views, underfloor heating and a log burner, original art designed for the spaces inside and out. No expense has been spared, from Siemen appliances, to the power blinds you can operate from your luxury bed. Every element of Fallen Angel has been designed to create the most beautiful, romantic retreat.

See available dates and prices here.


The details that set this dream honeymoon venue aside from the rest

The interior design has been inspired and sourced from across the world. Handmade encaustic tiles from Spain, antiquities from the ancient city of Jodhpur and from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and ethically sources hand carved teak from Malaysia. The design philosophy continues outside from the moment you approach Fallen Angel and open the Moroccan village gate and enter the sub-tropical gardens. 

Internally, the upper deck is devoted to living – relax in the spacious living area where sumptuous sofas adorn the living area beside the egg shaped wood burner sat atop a hearth of mismatched encaustic tiles, and flanked by original commissioned art work by Dan Pyne. This room offers views through the floor to ceiling glazed windows to the decked-balcony and beyond to the sea – you can even open this right up during the summer to bring outside indoors. Cook and eat in the fully equipped high-spec kitchen, or have a private chef come and do this for you.  And if it’s raining and not going to stop, kick-back and watch your favourite films or just catch up on some TV in the purpose-designed snug. 


Head down the stunning stair tunnel to your floating bed, topped with a feather bed topper and dressed in the finest Egyptian cotton, where you’ll also find a roll top stainless steel bath for two installed in the floor to ceiling bedroom window overlooking the lower garden, the walk in shower with a view and the toilet.


The garden has been landscaped and planted to create privacy and tranquility. We drew inspiration from Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens and were lucky enough to have the owner of Tremenheere advise us on the project.  The gardens combine traditional dry-stone walls, sub-tropical plants that thrive in the mild climate in the far west of Cornwall and an original commissioned sculpture by Ken Gill. Many a day can be lost here!


Fallen Angel also benefits from superfast broadband, Sky TV, Blu Ray DVD player, Sonos sound system throughout the house, fully equipped kitchen, under-floor heating, a utility room with washer/dryer, hair dryer and a good supply of wood for the log burner.

Hidden down narrow backstreets of Mousehole. No cars, no tourists. Just you two in this little slice of paradise.

If Fallen Angel appeals to you please see available dates and prices here.


Availability and prices

We have stays available as follows:


27/28/29/30 June - £1200

5/6/7 August - £1200

12/13/14 August - £1200

19/20/21 August - £1200

26/27/28 August - £1200

16/17/18 September - £1200

30 September/1/2 October - £900

7/8/9 October - £900

14/15/16 October - £900

28/29/30 October - £900

7/8/9/10 November - £600

11/12/13 November - £600

14/15/16/17 November - £600

18/19/20 November - £600

21/22/23/24 November - £600

25/26/27 November - £600

28/29/30 November/ 1 December - £600

Any 7 nights in November for £1000

2/3/4 December - £600

5/6/7/8 December - £600

9/10/11 December - £600

12/13/14/15 December - £600

16/17/18 December - £600

Any 7 nights in December for £1000

w/c 30 December - £1600 or 30/31 December/1 January £1200


2/3/4/5 January - £660

6/7/8 January - £660

9/10/11/12 January - £660

13/14/15 January - £660

16/17/18/19 January - £660

20/21/22 January - £660

23/24/25/26 January - £660

27/28/29 January - £660

30/31 January /1 /2 February - £660

Any 7 nights in January/February for £1120

3/4/5 February - £660

10/11/12 February - £660

13/14/15/16 February - £660

20/21/22/23 February - £660

24/25/26 February - £660

27/28 February/1/2 March - £660 Add 2 extra nights 3/4 March for £220

Any 7 nights in February/March for £1120

10/11/12 March - £660

13/14/15/16 March - £660

17/18/19 March - £660

24/25/26 March  - £660

31 March/1/2/ April - £660

Any 7 nights in March for £1120


3/4/5/6 April - £900

7/8/9/ April - £900

10/11/12/13 April - £900

14/15/16 April - £900

17/18/19/20 April - £900

21/22/23 April - £900

24/25/26/27 April - £900

28/29/30 April - £900

Any 7 nights in April for £1600


1/2/3 May - £1350

4/5/6/7 May - £1350

8/9/10/11 May - £1350

12/13/14 May - £1350

15/16/17/18 May - £1350

19/20/21 May - £1350

22/23/24 /25 May - £1350

Any 7 nights in May for £2400


2/3/4 June - £1350

5/6/7/8 June - £1350

9/10/11/12 June - £1350

13/14/15 June - £1350

16/17/18/19 June  - £1350

20/21/22 June - £1350

22/23/24/25 June - £1350

Any 7 nights in June for £2400


30 June/1/2/ July - £1350

3/4/5/6 July - £1350

7/8/9 July - £1350

10/11/12/13 July - £1350

14/15/16 July - £1350

21/22/23 July - £1350

24/25/26/27 July - £1350

Any 7 nights in July for £2400


31 July/1/2/3August - £1350

4/5/6 August - £1350

7/8/9/10 August - £1350

11/12/13/14 August - £1350

15/16/17 August - £1350

18/19/20 August - £1350

21/22/23/24 August - £1350

25/26/27 August - £1350

Any 7 nights in August for £2400


September and October 2023 are fully booked aside from:

27/28/29 October - £900

30/31 October/1/2 November - £900

Or 7 nights for £1600

3/4/5 November - £660

6/7/8/9 November - £660

10/11/12 November - £660

13/14/15/16 November - £660

17/18/19 November - £660

20/21/22/23 November - £660

24/25/26 November - £660

27/28/29/30 November - £660

or 7 nights £1120

2/3/4 December - £660

4/5/6/7 December - £660

9/10 /11December - £660

16/17/18 December - £660

19-26 December - £1650

27 December - 2 January - £1650

If you wish to book please do let me know the dates you’d like and send us:


- your full names

- home address

- best contact number



We’ll then request a 25% deposit to secure your dates. Final balances are due 8 weeks before your stay commences.


Please note, if any future Government restrictions prevent you from travelling or Fallen Angel from operating we'll work with you to find alternative dates that work for all or failing that we’ll refund your payment in full. 


Guest Reviews

"Fallen Angel is by far one of the best property's I have had the pleasure of calling home for a few days during a recent get away. Tucked away in a secluded setting high upon the hillside in Mousehole the "Stealth House" as we came to call it disappears perfectly into its surroundings. From the first moment we walked through the door the quality was evident throughout. The attention to detail given both before and during the construction process is world class. Little touches like the iPad, Sonos sound system, yoga mat and BBQ make this a home from home for any occasion. The living accommodation is spacious with a small snug to relax and watch TV if required. We just found ourselves looking at the view and relaxing around the wood burner. The bath and separate shower in the bedroom are again a luxurious feature and continue to add class and quality at every possible area.

I would stay here again in a heartbeat - beautiful house, beautiful setting and built and created by beautiful people! "

Mark P